Covid-19 Response

Covid-19 Response

Dear Customers 

We are currently facing a life-changing situation that has never been seen before. The extensive and dynamic spread of Covid-19 is filling each day with worry and requires the world to be disciplined and abide by the rules, for the sake of all humanity.

Like everyone, Qalcim is also acting in compliance with the behavioral regulations that have been issued by the UK and the other countries around the world, which are sadly facing Covid-19 emergencies.

We will continue to stand by you and tell you that we have not forgotten about you; we shall continue to meet your needs through our website and through our Customer Care, who remain available for any questions or requests for assistance.

We also want to assure you that we are following all the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization and local authorities. The entire supply chain, from production to warehouses, to the preparation of goods to be shipped, follows the safety measures and hygiene standards required for both the workers and the products. Shipments are guaranteed and free on all orders.

We are pleased to be able to stay in constant contact with you through all of our social channels, keep following us for updates. 

Look after yourselves, and let's all help spread joy wherever we can.

Team Qalcim x

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